Fight for Measure J

We need your help

This isn’t a moment. This is a movement, and every movement is fueled by advocates, activists, and volunteers who donate their time, money, and resources to make change happen. Measure J can’t wait. We are counting on you to make Measure J a reality.

Donate to re-imagine l.a. county and help get measure j passed!

Your money will go towards ensuring that all citizens of L.A. County get out to vote for Measure J before November 3rd.

More ways to help:

Virtual Phone Bank

Good with people? Not afraid of the hard conversations at the dinner table? Maybe phone banking is right for you. You can do it from home, the office, or wherever you have phone access.

Virtual Text Bank

Warm up your fingers, we’ve got work to do. Joining a text bank is a great way to spread the word and get others involved in passing Measure J in November.

Recruit Volunteers

We not only need people to text and call for Measure J. We need people to recruit people to text and call for Measure J. You can be the difference in building the team to pass Measure J.


Use your voice

If your schedule or finances prevent you from getting involved, find other ways to share our message. Below are downloadable assets you can use to spread the work about Measure J.